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Word of the Week - Direct Marketing

This week we are focusing on Direct Marketing. This refers to the type of marketing that leaves out the middle man, no third party mass media channels necessary. By creating a curated message for your customer, you efficiently grab their attention by giving them a sense of loyalty and understanding.

Why Direct Marketing?

With DM a business generates a completely specified message to a particular group of people. We love this method because it reaches your target audience and gives them the exact message they want to receive.


It is very important to understand who your target audience is so you can create a specific message for them. Check out "Word of the Week - Buyer Persona" blog for more information on understanding your ideal customer.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Who is your top performing audience?

  2. What do they like, what do they buy, and what do they react best to?

  3. Create curated content that conforms to the answers of the above questions.

  4. Market this content directly to them through email, phone calls, direct messages and targeted ads.

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