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Word of the Week - Content Marketing

Create and allocate. The two words you should think of when you see or hear content marketing. Your company needs to create relevant valuable content that your target audience wants to see. This content then needs to be allocated through the right channels to get their attention. Lets get into some details.

Stages of Content Marketing

Who your are marketing to? Do. Your. Research. Once you know your "who" you can start planning your "what" - As in, what content do you want to market? First you plan, then you create. Once you understand what to show your audience, its time to make it come to life. This is the content creation stage. After the content has been made you can dive into publishing and distributing by carefully selecting the channels your customer uses in order for them to see your content. Once they have received your content they are able to engage with it. We will be covering tips and tricks to engagement in the future so stay tuned!


Each step is equally as important and it can easily become overwhelming if not done in stages. Take this process one step at a time.

Important Steps to Follow:

  1. Research

  2. Strategy

  3. Create content

  4. Publishing/distributing

  5. Engagement

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