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Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

Are you considering hiring a social media manager for your small business? You may be wondering if it's worth it or what social media managers do. Managers provide strategy and creativity to get your business noticed using the power of social media. Hiring a social media manager may just be the best thing you do for your small business.

You may be surprised at all the benefits that come with hiring Word Marketing Co. as your social media manager!

Why your business?

1. Not enough time on your hands

As a business owner you don't have the extra time creating content that isn't directly bringing in profit. Bringing in a social media manager will take away your tasks of marketing and allow you to devote your time to management.

2. You are not a social media expert

Leave it to the experts! You are an expert of many things but social media is not your forte. You understand social media, you know that it is important for your business and you have taught yourself the best you could but it's time to hire someone that has all the tools to increase engagement.

3. You want to increase engagement

Speaking of increasing engagement... A social media managers #1 job is to get the audience talking about your product or service. Investing in a social media manager will bring in MORE customers.

4. You are lacking social media strategy

Since this is not your area of expertise you are lacking a true strategy for your social media platforms. Consistency is important to boost the analytics of your social media presence. With the help of a social media manager your business will get noticed.

5. You don't enjoy it

Finally, social media may seem like a pain to you now. It feels like a to-do list that never stops growing. It's time to divide that list with someone that is knowledgeable and qualified for the job.

10 tasks social media managers can do for your business.

  1. Content Calendar Management

  2. Social Media Scheduling

  3. Social Media and Website Management

  4. Data Analysis

  5. Create Strategy and Planning

  6. Moderating Social Media Comments

  7. Uploading to YouTube

  8. Creating Graphics for Social Media

  9. Content Creation

  10. Branding and Design

Have I convinced you yet? It's time that you invest in your business and hire a social media manager because your online presence says a lot about your business.

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