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Why You Should Be Utilizing Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are becoming a big part of online brand identities. Social media used to be all about posing, editing and creating the best possible pictures for your posts, but in the past year it has shifted to being more real and relatable. Stories have played a big part in helping creators show their realness because they are so easy to post on and they only last 24 hours.

If you haven't been utilizing this feature on Instagram, here are a couple reasons as to why you should be.

Stories build relationships

Stories are used a lot to post the things that you are doing throughout your day. Because you are sharing so much, your followers feel more connected to you and even if they don't know you in real life, they feel like they do. It's a more relaxed way of posting and showing the behind the scenes of what goes on in your normal life.

Stories are easy to consume

Because Stories are mainly short snippets, your followers can easily watch through them all without being bored. Most of the time, Stories are kept to minimal text which also helps the ease of watching them. When a story is clicked on, they automatically switch to the next slide without consumers even lifting a finger and they switch right to the next account story when the first one is done.

Stories promote brand awareness

A smart thing to do is post on your Story multiple times every day. Stories are placed at the top of the feed, so they are the first thing that your followers see when they come into the app. So, if your profile picture is up there frequently, people will remember your brand.

Stories are interactive

Stories have changed so much since they were first introduced. They now have many interactive features built into them for creators to utilize. Users can add a question box to their stories and ask followers for feedback, simple notes and recommendations (to name a few). Polls are also an easy and simple way to get feedback from your followers and get them involved! There are also slider tools, likes, links and quizzes that all promote engagement!

Stories are great for promoting other brands

On your story you can tag other brands or creators. For example, this allows you to tag the brand of your favorite restaurant and then your followers can click on that tag and go to their page. This promotes not only yourself but also helps out the brands that you love! It is also so simple to share a post that you are tagged in to your own story, so the word gets spread around quick and easily!

Stories are big part of your online presence, so we should be utilizing them! This is such a great tool that is only growing in popularity, so show the real side of you and start posting to your Story today!

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