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Our Go-To Social Media Scheduling Tool: Meta Business Suite

Are you having trouble keeping track of posting days on your social medias? Sometimes you forget that you wanted to post an Instagram pic at noon today and now it's 8 o'clock at night. If this all screams you on a daily basis, then you should keep on reading.

What can help me keep track of posting?

I have three words for you, Meta Business Suite. So, I know you've heard about Meta a lot in the news lately, but I promise this isn't going to be about a virtual reality world. Facebook launched and re-vamped an add-on feature to its' site called Meta Business Suite. This feature allows you to schedule posts, look at insights, create advertisements, message followers and manage both Facebook and Instagram pages that you are logged into. Business Suite also has the option to invite colleagues to your Suite so you can all have access to the features for your account.

What makes Business Suite different from other scheduling tools?

Other scheduling apps are made by third-parties, so sometimes Instagram and Facebook don't favor those as well and may not boost your posts. Meta Business Suite is created by the same company, so you know that that won't happen to your posts through there. You're allowed to have many accounts linked on your Business Suite so if you wear many hats then you can keep track of all of them on the same account in the same place. This tool is also super user friendly and makes it quick to batch post.

So, how do I use it to schedule posts?

Okay, now we get into the good part - how to schedule posts in the Business Suite. First, you need to start by logging into your Facebook account and then finding the tool bar and clicking on "Meta Business Suite". When you're on the landing page you can click on the side bar section that says "Planner", this will open up a calendar. From this calendar, you can click on specific days and hit "Schedule Post". This will bring you to a new page where you can pick the time and date that you want to schedule a feed or story post. After you pick your timing, you can insert the picture(s) that you want to post, tag items and people, write a caption, and finally schedule your post. It's as simple as that! The great thing about this feature is that you can schedule out posts for days, weeks, or months so you can always stay on top of your posting. On top of being able to use it from your standard Facebook app or browser, you can download the Business Suite app and get to it straight from your home screen on

your devices.

Why haven't I been using this for years?

That's the same question we asked ourselves when we first found out about this great invention. But, it's better late than never! We hope that this tool helps you all as much as it has for us.

Click HERE to download the Business Suite app on your Apple device, and click HERE to download it on Google Play.

Have questions about Meta Business Suite that we didn't answer in this post? Leave a comment below, or chat with us on our social medias!

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