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Benefits of Paid Advertising

I'm sure you have heard the words"paid advertising," but do you really know what it means or understand the benefits of using it? In short, paid advertising is one of the quickest and easiest ways to engage with potential clients and inform them of your brand and offerings.

In this post we will cover what exactly paid advertising is and the top benefits to using them.

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid Advertising is a quick and easy way to gain exposure and give potential clients the chance to learn about your brand and offerings. Examples of popular paid online advertising include pay-per-click, social media advertising, influencer marketing and banner ads.

When using paid advertisements, you purchase ads that allow you to target specific audiences, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping they find you organically. Using criteria like location, interests, demographics, previous purchases and search history, you can define your perfect target customer.

The best part? You define your budget and size of your campaign. Start small and set a maximum number that matches your budget. Your ad will then run until your budget is used up! After completing your first campaign, you can evaluate what worked best and tweak your messages, ads and audience for even more success the next round.

Below we have listed the Top 4 Benefits of Paid Advertising:

01: Amplify Your Reach

First, determine which channels and platforms work best for your business and your digital marketing strategy. When you have paid ads on platforms as big as Google, Facebook and Instagram, you have millions of potential visitors. By boosting your distribution with paid advertising, you are guaranteed to reach a defined audience!

02: Gather Insights

One of the biggest advantages of paid search over organic traffic is the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. The data collected across all the paid advertising platforms will help you refine your messaging and help you better understand your audience.

03: Enhance Targeting

Paid advertising targeting can be as specific as you want it to be and allows you to reach potential clients who have real interest in your business and offerings. You can even go as far as geo-targeting users that live or visit the exact geographic location you are in. This is a great tool for businesses with a local shop or store!

You can also tap into the above insights from past campaigns and use this information to refine your targeting even more.

04: Cost Effective

Another huge benefit of paid advertising is that there is no lowest amount for any spending requirements, which makes it an ideal advertising option for small businesses. All costs related to the paid ad is dependent on your end goal. Paid advertisements offer many businesses, especially local & small businesses, the highest ROI for their marketing dollars. Take advantage of insights and targeting to increase exposure to new clients!

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