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Our Favorite Ways to Engage With Followers + Keep Them Coming Back

Not only is social media a place to share content, it is also a powerful business tool to share your product + service, grow your brand and expand your clientele. Now you might be asking yourself, I have the followers, but why am I not seeing any engagement? Below we will share 5 easy ways to engage with your followers to increase those likes, comments, shares and saves.

01 - Use the right hashtags

Hashtagging is a simple and easy way for followers to find specific topics and the content you are sharing. When followers click on a hashtag, they are then able to explore top related posts and accounts that have used the same hashtag, making it an easy way to find the content they are looking for.

02 - Be authentic

It's better to be real and authentic, then fake and polished. The power of authenticity on Instagram is huge and can be the main factor in growing a community of engaged followers. A few ways to improve your authenticity:

  1. Share your story + your behind the scenes content

  2. Create and share original content that doesn't feel hyper-curated

  3. Stay true to your core beliefs

03 - Create saveable content

Whether it's aesthetically pleasing or educational, create content that your followers will save for later. This can earn you a little engagement boost, and will also allow followers to be reminded of your content when looking at their saved posts. Sometimes it's as easy as politely asking your followers to do just that. Include a "save this post for later" CTA in your caption!

04 - Post consistently and at the right times

The more you post, the more opportunities your followers have to like, comment and share your content! It's as simple as that.

Sticking to a consistent schedule will help keep your feed lively and your followers coming back. Know your audience and determine the best times to share your content. Each brand could have a slightly different time that works best for them, as every business has a unique target market.

05 - Respond to everything

It's super important to respond to all follower engagement! Participating in genuine conversation makes followers feel seen, heard and important. Go one step farther and prompt followers to engage with your post by including a CTA in your caption!

By following these 5 tips, your social engagement will increase, which in turn will help grow your brand and increase your exposure. For more tips + tricks on how to expand your digital presence, follow us on Instagram here!

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