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More Reels Creation Options in Instagram and Facebook are Added

As time progresses there are more and more advances with technology. Social media connects over 4.62 billion people around the world. With technology and social media constantly evolving there are a lot of elements these users have to keep us with.

In August of 2020, short-form reels video debuted on Instagram in the United States. These short videos went from being 15 seconds long on Instagram feed to now being up to 60 seconds on both your Instagram and Facebook feed. As of June 15, 2022, Meta added more reel’s creation options in both Instagram and Facebook.

One new addition is the notification ‘Remix for photos’. Instagram explains, Remix for Photos as enabling users to create Reels based on your feed post content, which they can then download themselves, within their own clips. There is a setting in Instagram where users can switch off the setting allowing other users to re-use your content. This addition to Instagram provides more inspiration for Reels content. This is exciting because reels now contribute to 20% of all time spent on the social media app. There are also many benefits to this addition in terms of brand use. This will allow for quick response via Reel clips on new products or brand announcements. Also, the audience is able to interact with the posts in a good way to boost reach and engagement.

Since reels for Instagram are fairly new there are so many ways users are experimenting with the creation. Meta added the capacity to create reels in Creator studio. This new process using Creator Studio allows you to trim existing videos to create reel video clips.

Meta outlined how it plans to make Reels even more of a priority on Facebook, because of the way that short form video has become such a transformative trend in the social media space. We see this with the app TikTok becoming a popular way to show content through video clips for a few seconds. It is exciting how social media is constantly evolving for users and it will be interesting to see where reels are in a few years.

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