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How To Create a Marketing Strategy

Why do you need one?

A marketing strategy will align your team with specific goals, help you tie your efforts to business objectives and also allow you to identify and test what resonates with your target audience. We have crafted seven key steps for you to follow when building a successful marketing strategy.

7 Steps of Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

1. Build a marketing plan.

· Find a template that will allow you to build a marketing plan. This will identify your budget, your marketing organizational needs and how you will implement your marketing strategy. It's important that you tie your marketing strategy back to your business summary that is aligned with your company's goals.

2. Create buyer personas.

· This is where you define who your audience will be. Who is viewing your marketing pages? Is it a dog owner? An avid coffee drinker or a mother of four kids? You will need to adjust your marketing strategy to attract a target audience. Buyer personas have critical demographic and psychographic information, including age, job title, income, location, interests, and challenges.

3. Identify goals.

· These goals for a marketing strategy should reflect your business goals. These goals may include brand awareness or increase customer value. Identify goals and how can marketing organization work to achieve them over a time frame.

4. Select the appropriate tools.

· Once you have identified your goals, make sure you have the right tools to achieve success. Online software like social media schedulers may be an important tool to track the analytics of your content. Hiring Word Marketing Co. would be an example of an important tool to help you achieve these goals.

5. Review your media.

· Decide what media you already have that will build success. Gather the materials you have and consolidate to a certain location.

6. Audit and plan media campaigns.

· This is deciding which type of content is going to help your company. Blog posts may help attraction or videos to post. Use your creativity to create a content creation plan. The plan should include topic clusters, goals, format, and channel for each piece of content. Be sure to include which challenge it's solving for your buyer persona.

7. Bring it to fruition.

· Bring the plan to together! Assign actions to your plans with timelines.

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