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5 New Features Coming Soon to Instagram

Instagram is constantly testing out new features and getting feedback from users. Just last week the head of Insta, Adam Mosseri announced 5 new features that will be pushed out soon. Some of these features are still in testing in just a few countries, but one is already available to us in the United States as the newest feature.

1. Notes

The Notes feature is already pushed out to us in the US. Notes acts as a status update that'll show up in the top of your followers' inbox. This feature was created as a way to start conversations. Users can either push their Note out to everyone, just Close Friends, or just to people they follow. It is a fun feature that allows you to say whats on your mind, or an easy way to get recommendations!

2. Nominations

The Nominations feature is in testing right now only in a few countries, so it isn't available to the US yet but it should be here soon. This feature is an add-on to the Add Yours sticker on Stories. It is a way to nominate other users to add their pictures to the Add Yours sticker that you used. It's a fun way to share content with others that you think they would enjoy taking a part in!

3. Candid Stories

The Candid Stories feature is also in testing right now, but should release to us soon. This feature is a lot like the viral app, BeReal. It allows users to share a candid photo to the Candid Story to show what they are doing in that moment. There are no filters, you have to share one to view others, and it simultaneously uses the front and back camera to capture your picture. Once the picture is taken, you can move around the photos and add stickers and other fun items just like a regular Story, but you can't put a filter on it.

4. Group Profiles

Group Profiles will be used as a way to create a communities on Instagram. This feature is in testing right now but will be available soon. Profiles allows you to create a profile that multiple people can sign into with their own passwords so you don't have to share passwords anymore. On the Profile itself, anyone in the group can post photos to the feed and stories. As a user, when you are posting a photo you can either post it to your own feed, or choose one of the groups you are a part of and share it on there. We recently wrote a whole blog post about this feature, check it out here for more info!

5. Collaborative Collections

The Collaborative Collections feature is a way to share collections that you save on your Instagram with others. We already have the Collections feature on our personal profiles, this is when you save a post and you can sort them into specific Collections. But, with Collaborative Collections you can now invite people to add their findings into certain collections. This will be a great way to share ideas and thoughts for things that you are doing with other people. How we would use it is if we are planning a girls trip then we would create a collection and add all of our photo inspo, location tips, and food recs into that group so everyone can plan out our trip together!

These 5 features that are coming soon to Instagram are going to change the way we use the app! Which feature are you most excited for? Leave it in the comments below!

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